110% Every event. Every time.

An amazing event is more than just the music. It's the presentation of the music, the energy of the DJ, the DJ booth setup, the lights, the song selection, on-time arrival, quick clean up after, professionally handling requests, professional equipment, coordination with other vendors, and more.

From the DJs and MCs to the assistants behind the scenes, each person on our team is hand selected for their professionalism, skill and positive approach to life. No event is routine. Whether it's an intimate group of 20 or massive event with 1,000+ people, Team Frobaby is 110% for every event, every time! Every event is the most important event ever!

There are several DJs and MCs on our team, and we look forward to working with you!

Meet the Founder, DJ/MC, Nate Burgoyne

What's up! Hey my name is DJ Nate. It's great to meet you here online and I look forward to meeting you in person soon! Frobaby Productions is totally a reflection of who I am personally. When I created this business, I decided that no matter what, I'm going to be true to myself and have tons of fun with it. And, it's been amazing!!!

I guess I'm sort of an "all-in" personality. When I get into something, I'm going all the way. Running is a hobby I enjoy, but I don't just run around the block, I do 100+ mile races. Paddleboard surfing is important to me. I don't just do it...I founded the first paddle board school on the North Shore of Oahu and published the first ever book about the sport. I LOVE spicy food!!! And, when I go spicy, it's not a dash of cayenne...I'm looking for sauce so hot that it makes me lose my hearing for about half an hour (uh, never before an event, LOL!!!).

Naturally, with the launch of Frobaby Productions, I've set out to create the most epic events that every guest has ever been to!!! I'm never content to be middle-of-the-road, and Frobaby Productions reflects that pursuit of excellence.

Aside from my DJ world, I love music, cooking, hiking, running, camping, magic, and making new friends! My three daughters are in a "girl-band." And, my 7 year old son is taking fire-knife lessons. My wife runs Rainbow Watersports stand up paddle school on the North Shore, and we live in Waialua, HI. I was born in Hawaii and have lived in Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, Chicago, Spain, England, Taiwan, and of course here in Hawaii.

I look forward to meeting you soon!!! Cheers, DJ Nate