Pixel Tube Lighting

New for 2024 and beyond!!! Professional Astera AX1 pixel tube lighting. 

Bring club-life or festival-style flavor to your celebration with strategic placement of our pixel tube lighting. We can keep them a subtle amber or white during formalities, then when the party starts, color change them progammed to respond to the music. These bad boys are BRIGHT and professional...no toy light sabers here. We have 16 units. Some possible to deploy them include:

  • Attaching to each pole of the text for a surround lighting experience
  • Random "chopsticks" style near the DJ booth for EDC style look
  • Attached to the DJ booth for club fee
  • Near trees and natural features for a fresh alternative to traditional uplights

Included in our Dance Festival Package and can be added ala -carte to any custom quote!

Click image to view flyer.