I guess you could say the beginning of Frobaby Producitons started back in the middle-school days of recording mixtapes of music from the radio. (LOL!) We formally launched the company a number of years ago with the goal of specializing in working with couples that are coming to Hawaii to PARTY and want a fully customized musical experience with live mixing from beginning to end. No pre-made mixes. No Spotify playlists on auto run. Live professional DJ experiences mixed live on turntables and other professional equipment.

80% of the events we rock are destination couples coming to Hawaii to celebrate. 10% are local couples that don't want a typical boring wedding. 10% are high end military balls, proms, and other private events.

"There's gotta' be a story behind the name." "Why, yes, there is!"

Yeah! It's a unique name and we love it! Where did it come from? Well, it all started in Taiwan in a little town called Feng-Yuen where Co-founder, Nate Burgoyne (DJ Nate) lived there as English teachers.

One of the landmarks they used for directions was a little hand-pushed food cart with the picture of a little baby with an afro hairdo photoshopped on it.

Many years later Frobaby Hot Dogs was born, a fun family side hustle. The tagline was "We'll blow your wig back!" They had the hottest sauce EVER called "Dynamite Sauce". It was so hot that you had to sign a waiver to get.

After a year of good times with hot dogs, they decided to sell the cart and move on....but that wasn't the end of Fro Baby.

The name came back to life in when Frobaby Productions was born, a full-service DJ entertainment company that has been described as classy-contemporary-retro. Just like the hot dog cart days, the crew isn't content with being average or good-enough. They created the hottest freakin' sauce ever and now they're cooking up the hottest freakin' events ever!

DJ Nate rocking the hot dog cart!
DJ Nate rocking the hot dog cart!