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Your VIP Island Event - Top Honolulu DJ Services

Aloha! Picture an idyllic setting for having your wedding, party or corporate events marked by the ideal mix of music, dancing, climate, sophistication, and grace. Please welcome to Honolulu, Hawaii where only the best in Honolulu DJ services will allow you to have an unforgettable island event with a packed dance floor. Get ready to experience a world where the sounds of locally-flavoured music mix with the ones from mainland USA, and the rest of the world to create an unforgettable customized party atmosphere just for you and yours.

The Key Takeaways

Get a dose of your favorite mixed by some of the best of Honolulu’s DJ team.

Customize, enjoy state of art sound and light systems for a unique and exceptional experience.

Incorporate a professional DJ crew for unmatched party vibes, worth it every time!

The Honolulu DJ Scene on Oahu: What Sets It Apart

The DJ scene in Honolulu, Hawaii is an exciting collaboration between local Hawaiian performers and international artists. These DJs have different approaches and play various genres such as hip hop, house and electronic dance music. Night life in Honolulu should be experienced to believe it.

Our DJs ensure tailor-made services with touches of personal style guarantee the guests enjoy the dance floor as the night goes on for your next event. We work with couples whose preference range from top 40 hits to more eclectic sounds. As a DJ team in the crossroads of the Pacific, we love all varieties of music!

Mainland USA & International Beats

Our DJs have vast understanding of music from mainland USA to across the world, able to offer a mix of music unique to your celebration. Our team has lived and traveled across the United State, and internationally, hence their knowledge about the music taste of different cultures. We work closely with you on your music selections to nail the vibe perfectly.

Local Music Flavors

Our DJs are well versed with Hawaiian reggae, traditional Hawaiian melodies, and songs of other Polynesian Islands hence they add a personal touch to your celebration. Our DJs not only play these various mixes but are also MC’s that keep guests partying. Therefore, rest assured that at the wedding, reception, corporate event, or special occasion, your DJ will provide the perfect blend of local tastes and global rhythms.

The Best DJ Services in Honolulu

Frobaby Productions is known in Honolulu for being passionate about music and entertainment and professionalism and energy. We offer a variety of services, including: 

DJ/Emcee Entertainment Services

Professional Sound & Lighting

Special FX

They are tailored according to every customer requirement.

We have been nominated and awarded for our achievements in entertainment.

Nominees of the Hawaii Wedding Style Ever After Awards

It is with pleasure that we wish to inform you that our DJ team has been nominated for Hawaii Wedding Style Ever After Award — Excellence in Entertainment. This nomination validates our commitment to the entertainment for your event.

WeddingWire Couples Choice Award

Yearly, we are proud to receive the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award. The award recognizes the top industry players. This recognition is fueled by the five-star reviews received from thrilled couples, most of them destination couples and friends who flew in to Hawaii for their wedding. Our aim is to ensure we maintain this high level of service and unimaginable experience to all our clients.

The Knot Best of Weddings Award

Besides the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award, we also received excellent feedback from our clients, which earned us The Knot Best of Weddings Award. It’s an award given by The Knot, a recognized wedding planning site to excellent wedding suppliers that have excelled in service delivery and quality. Every year, it is an honor for us to be awarded this, showing our passion and commitment to surpass our clientele expectations.

The Right Equipment for the Greatest Event Ever

Having awesome sound systems, lighting and other necessary equipment is important for the success of all events. Equipment can make or break your event. We possess all it takes, right from high-quality sound systems for quality audio to spectacular lighting effects to make your special day one of its kind.

Sound System

Whether your event is outdoors like a garden wedding or indoors any function, you will receive high-grade sound system that is customized to fit its needs. We operate sophisticated sound equipment, which guarantees high-quality sound that you can hear with clarity.

Lighting Effects

We provide your guests with an ultimate VIP experience through the use of uptown lighting options from simple elegant wash lights to thrilling EDC style rigs equipped with a smoke and haze. Carefully planned lighting directs the attention of the crowd; it creates ambiance that is perfect for the event and helps set the mood, relaxes attendees; and evokes hype during the event. Our company has professional lighting equipment that can turn an plain venue into an unbelievable experience for your guests and events that guests will always remember.

Choosing the Perfect DJ for Your Celebration

Finding best DJ for the day can be a big task. There are so many things to put into consideration when choosing a DJ including one’s style, experience, reputation as well as customization options and therefore one needs a DJ that shares your vision and excitement towards the event. In this part, we will look at what you need to consider in picking a DJ who will provide you with the perfect vibe as well as some fantastic memories for all your guests.

It is important to locate a DJ that fits what you have in mind, understands how to relate with the audience through music. A DJ’s personal style can significantly influence a wedding reception and will provide tone and atmosphere. Consider the overall theme of the event and discuss with the DJ about the type of music to match the theme of your event.

Consider the competency of a particular DJ and their credibility when picking one for your party. A good DJ knows what they are doing, for example, understanding of music, mixing skills, selection of songs and their reputation is their professionalism, reliability and delivering excellent performance. By reading reviews on other individuals who have worked with a particular DJ, you will be able to gauge whether they are the right fit for your occasion.

Ensure you get a DJ with excellent customizable features like special effects and specialized lighting to hightlight the iconic moments such as first dance, grand entries, awards presentation ceremony, arrival of VIP guests, etc.

We also have the super cool song pre-request app that allows you provide a playlist of some approved songs which will ensure that DJ’s playlist corresponds with your desired style and atmosphere.

Live Music vs DJ Entertainment: What’s Right For Your Event??

As for the event entertainment – there are pros and cons in using live music and DJ’s. We will compare the two in this chapter, taking into account aspects like ambience, flexibility and price to enable you make a meaningful decision regarding what is most appropriate for your occasion.

Managing the Atmosphere

Both live bands and DJs can create the best atmosphere for your party. We often work together with live musicians for a smooth and fun transition from live music to DJ music from cocktail hour to party. A live band is also ideal for those who love the idea of something new and intimate, as it helps to set the pace for a wonderful romantic atmosphere. In the end, it is based on your taste and intended feel of your occasion that will aid in making a decision between live music and DJ entertainment.

The Versatility to Adapt

Professional Dj provides amazing flexibility, choosing appropriate songs and volumes for their events. A DJ can: 

Raise and lower energy

Pick the right music should spark conversations at tables.

Make a swift adjustment whenever the sound becomes too monotonous.

A DJ usually offers more choices of songs due to the fact that he or she could cover different tastes and adjust his or her performance according to the atmosphere at the party.

Cost Considerations

A good DJ can make or break your event, however; you must consider whether to hire a professional DJ crew for that momentous experience. Hiring a live band or a DJ usually goes from two thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars for weddings and sophisticated events.


When organizing an event be it a wedding or a party remember that there are several things that you need to take into consideration while picking the right DJ for your event, some of these aspects include but not limited to personal style, experience and reputation as well as customisation options. Ensure that you select a good and appropriate DJ who may help create the atmosphere which your guests will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of hiring a DJ in Honolulu?

The cost of hiring a wedding DJ in Honolulu varies between $2,000 and $20,000 depending on the duration of services, among other factors. Do you need a DJ for a wedding ceremony in addition to reception, etc.?

Why is the DJ scene in Honolulu so interesting?

Indeed, the DJ in Honolulu’s is really electric-from local Hawaiian to international and US mainland mainstream.

What should I have in mind during the selection of a DJ for my event?

Make your event memorable with the right DJ, experience and reputation, and a DJ that lets you customize things.

What should a good DJ do in order to create the right environment for my occasion?

Embrace an experienced DJ who will give you personalized tunes for different moods of the audience at all times and have them on their feet.

Should I hire a professional DJ rather than using a live band in my event?

A professional DJ is more flexible in terms of music selection and able to adjust swiftly to changes in the mood of your event. As such, they are suitable for events which require entertainment that caters to different tastes and/or moods!


Part of what makes us different in the place of Honolulu DJs is the blending of our local Hawaiian talent with international flair. Our DJ’s have a spiced up taste of music that includes hip hop, house and traditional Hawaiian melodies. This is a distinctive blend that ensures that your party represents your true personality. The result? The perfect “the Pacific and beyond” celebration, an unforgettable island experience that knows no boundaries.

When it comes to events and weddings, we know that the success is in the details at Frobaby Productions. That’s why we use the latest sound and lighting technology to transform your celebration into an audio-visual experience. No ordinary music jockeys here, we curate an ambiance that matches your vision.

Selecting the appropriate DJ for your event is a vital choice, and our crew is here to precede that. We focus on personal style, experience, reputation, and customization options to enhance every beat and fit it with your unique event theme.

Our professional DJs have the adaptability to accommodate the fluidity of your event, whether you are vacillating between going for live music or DJ entertainment. As you plan your special day, always know that Frobaby Productions is not just a DJ service, we are your partners in the making of memories that last a lifetime.

We will make your event truly extraordinary and special, from the seamless transition between live musicians and DJ and tailor our service to fit your specific needs.

Therefore, with the sun going down over the Pacific and casting its beautiful golden glow on your celebration, rely on Frobaby Productions to make your dreams come true.

Welcome to an indelible adventure into the heart of Honolulu’s vibrant DJ scene where let the music play, the lights dance and the memories unfold. Goodbye and the rhythm of islands will walk with you in your extraordinary moment!