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Welcome to Frobaby Productions LLC! We are a full-service wedding DJ and event DJ entertainment company. We specialize in weddings, military balls, corporate, school, and private events. We serve all of Honolulu County and do both indoor and outdoor events. For weddings, we can take care of sound and music from the ceremony through the end of the dance party! We don't use cheesy gimmicks or steal the show. We help fuel the energy of the party from the inside out through classy MC work, seamless music mixing, planning, and and communication with our clients. We love our amazing clients and look forward to working with you!

Selecting the right company to DJ your wedding or event is one of the most critical decisions you will make. We understand that music can heavily influence the vibe of your event. When it's time to tone things down a little and add romance to the room, the DJ orchestrates that through music. Likewise, when it's time to start raising the energy of the room, the DJ can make that happen through the effective use of music. We will work directly with you to plan the perfect music for your wedding or event.

We never recycle playlists and we don't have "go to" songs that we play every time for every wedding or event. In fact, you'll get access to our online playlist builder app that will allow you to make priority requests ahead of time.

Our goal of all this, is to make your wedding or event the BEST THAT YOU GUESTS HAVE EVER ATTENDED. PERIOD. Our wedding DJ and event DJ teams are professional. Our DJs are professional. And WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS! They are so amazing to work with.

What special songs do I need to select for my DJ?

There are certain events throughout your wedding day that give you the opportunity to use songs that are special to you. Here’s a list of wedding day events that you may want to request songs for ahead of time. If it looks daunting, don’t stress about it, your DJ can work with you and give…

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What is a typical wedding timeline in Hawaii?

Unless, you’re that super awesome friend that has planned all of your friends’ weddings, you may be wondering what a typical wedding reception timeline looks like in Hawaii. Here you have it. 4:00 – 4:30 Ceremony 4:30 – 5:30 Cocktail Hour 5:30 Grand Entrance into First Dance and quick Thank You words. 5:45 – 6:45…

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Who should be seated near the DJ booth?

Are you trying to figure out who sits where at your wedding or event and you’re wondering who should be seated near the DJ booth? Here are three groups of people that you may want to consider placing near the booth. Those who are most likely to get out on the dance floor first! During…

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Where should I seat the old folks at my wedding?

This is a quick piece of insight that you’ll be thankful we shared! And the answer is pretty simple… Do not seat the old folks near the DJ booth or speakers. Here are three reasons why: Speakers to close to hearing aids makes them squeal! We’ve all heard that high pitched screeching coming from grandma’s…

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Welcome to our new blog!

Wazzap guys and gals! Welcome to the brand new blog section of our website. Check in for new content comin’ at ya’ soon. We’re thinking we’ll add tips and insights into planning your event and how to work with your DJ!!!

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