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LUXURY DJ Entertainment at all Venues in Hawaii

As featured on TV  Hot Hawaiian Weddings for Nicole & Robert's epic wedding.


Congratulations Steff & Tom! When @1979hawaii recommended our DJ team for your wedding, we were stoked! Everything about your celebration was amazing from the food, to the photo booth, fire dancers, bar, live musicians, and of course the dance party!

We were honored to provide sound and support for the ceremony, live music, fire dancers, Polynesian dancers, toast and speeches, and the dance floor.

@kualoaranchweddings is a beautiful venue, and the Paliku Gardens site is a gem!

Mahalo to @1979hawaii for recommending us. Yarden is an awesome coordinator and her team is so relaxed and fun to work with!

Coordination/Bar: @1979hawaii
DJ/MC: @frobabyproductions
Photo Bus: @thevintagealohaphotobus
Lighted Sign: @designedwithaloha
Fire Dancers: @mystiquemovement
Venue: @kualoaranchweddings

Cocktail Hour🥂Why is DJ Nate Live Mixing 🎧while DJs at other weddings are kicking back relaxing drinking hibiscus infused ice water?

Even if it’s Sinatra, reggae, Hawaiian, Motown, or instrumentals, here are 6 reasons live mixing makes a huge difference:

1. 🎧Connection: When your guests see the DJ spinning records and mixing during cocktail hour and dinner, they feel a connection to the music and the DJ early on.

2. 😎Vibe: Music influences the vibe BIG TIME. The feel good energy from cocktail hour influences dinner which influences party time. The DJ can drop musical hints of the party music that will be coming later in the night.

3. 🧐Clues: Cocktail hour is the perfect time for the DJ to dip into a few different genres of music to gather visual clues as to what music people are swaying to and singing along to while they are relaxing.

4. 🎉Party Starters: This is a time when the DJ can usually pick out who the party starters are going to be, those who will likely be first on the dance floor. Then, the DJ can open the dance floor with music that caters to them.

5. 😅No Awkward Silences: Even if the DJ is playing one song after another, he or she eliminates awkward silences that naturally take place between songs when they are played in a row. This keeps flow and energy up.

6. 👍The Right Thing: It’s the right thing to do. You hired a DJ because you see the value in that over a playlist or pre-recorded mix. The DJ should fill that promise and never cop-out with automix or a pre-recorded set.

The Frobaby DJ Team loves mixing cocktail and dinner hour. Sure, we could do the normal thing and put on a “cocktail hour mix” and guests wouldn’t think twice about it. However, we’re not a normal DJ team, and it’s small things that most people never see that add up to make a big difference for the celebrations that are invested in!

💬Got questions? Want to have a chat?
See our description for our website. Cheers!

Location @kualoaranchweddings
DJ/MC @frobabyproductions
Coordination @1979hawaii
Rentals @1979hawaii
Aloha Sign @designedwithaloha
Photo Booth @thevintagealohaphotobus
Fire Dance @mystiquemovement

When function becomes decor: WHITE MIC STAND. Details matter…to us.

Traditionally a microphone stand is treated like a “necessary evil” that infringes on beauty of the ceremony site.

Our white microphone stand is another small thing we can do to help make your wedding exquisite.

We loved working with the @abcweddings team again. Natalie and Kelly are wedding coordinators that also appreciate small details. Not just the superficial big ones, but the little ones that make a difference.

And @dillinghamranch is a stunningly amazing venue. Highly recommended.

DJ/MC/Sound: @frobabyproductions
Venue: @dillinghamweddings
Coordination: @abcweddings

Yo! Quincenera party time! Congratulations Daisy!!! It was so much fun to DJ your party!!! You’re super cool and have an amazing group of friends 🔥🎉🔥🎉🔥. @djnateburgoyne was stoked to make it happen for you (and glad to finally some of the video footage together 😄). ...

Thank you Linda & Marvin! If we could DJ your wedding every day, we’d be stoked!!! Your wedding incredible!. Latin beats all night long 🔥❤️. Thank you for bringing us on to rock the dance floor 🎶🎧🎤🎉🎊🍾 ...

Flattered!!! ☺️ Thanks Casey & Dion for the kind words!!! Your wedding was 💥💥💥💥💥! ...

Yo! Groom with the CO2 Cannon!!! 💨🔫 💥 Casey & Dion’s wedding was super fun! We busted out the CO2, white bubbles, monogram projection on the pool deck, uplights on the house and coconut trees, and our Luxe Booth!

Casey and Dion were in a love daze playing and dancing together all night…and we went into overtime when they jumped into the DJ booth together!

We recorded the dinner and dance set so they could play it the following day for the second round of guests!

We were flattered they actually changed their announced wedding date to a day when @djnateburgoyne was available!

You’ve had so many adventures Casey & Dion, thank for inviting us to be part of this one!!! ❤️

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥A five-alarm fire of a dance floor with cumbia, bachata, merengue, Latin EDM, mariachi, reggaeton, and salsa under the moonlight for Marvin & Linda Morales wedding!!! @coffee_and_coolio @o.g_zeno

We finally got the video together for their amazing wedding celebration!

They are such a fun and relaxed couple, it was so exciting to work with them! We were blessed to have them as new clients as friends of ours.

Can our DJ team handle 5 hours of Latin music? Yes. Do we know the difference between the Latin genres of music? Yes. Can we mix them in a way that flows? Yes. Latin music was on tap for both dinner and dancing this night, and even with short notice on music preferences, we nailed it.

The couple and their guests flew in from the West Coast and were coming to party🎉

We also recorded a live set for them to play at their pre-wedding party a few days earlier, which they loved.

@djnateburgoyne was the DJ for this @frobabyproductions wedding. He speaks and understand Spanish, and has a love for Latin music.

Getting married in Hawaii and need a DJ who understands Latin music? Hit us up 👍

Yo! Bride & Groom in the DJ booth!!!! Congratulations Casey & Dion!!! You’re celebration was a rager, even with intimate numbers. 🔥💥🔥💥🔥

When the party went into “overtime” our couple came to the booth and rocked the party for their guests for a song. Super fun!!!

More on this wedding celebration come…

Can we rock a dance floor with 13 adults and 2 kids? YES!!! 🔥
Congratulations to Jeff and Carmen Shipman!!! You two are so much fun. It was an honor to DJ your intimate wedding at Kualoa Ranch. Cheers to your marriage and those that came to celebrate with you!!! If your wedding is even a taste of your zest for life, it’s clear that you are going to have an amazing future!!!

With a background in the music industry, getting the music right was extremely important to the groom. And, we nailed it! He was stoked and we received several high fives and compliments from the guests! (…who came from New Jersey, England, Peru, and more.)

This video isn’t just a “best of” clip. Once again the dance floor was jumping from the time it opened until closing time over an hour later.

For all the couples and coordinators who are wondering if you can downsize and party in small numbers in Hawaii, the answer is YES! with the right team behind you.

Their wedding had 25 total including vendors and it was an off the hook celebration.

And, we have 4 more small group weddings this week!

All the vendors were fantastic. Definitely a team we’d love to work with again and again.

Planning a smaller wedding? Hit us up! We’d love to chat.


Venue @kualoaranchweddings
DJ/MC/Sound @frobabyproductions
Coordination @cherishedinhawaiiweddings
Photo/Video @theindicollective
Flowers @jeffalencastre
Catering/Bar @kenuikitchen
Officiant Jofrey Rabanal
Rentals @accelrentals @alohaartisans

Backyard wedding celebration!!!🔥❤️🎉 YES, you can have an epic celebration with an intimate group of your closest friends and relatives. We were stoked to DJ this wedding party! 🎉

We are inspired by, and ready to work with, any couple that has had to get creative with their wedding celebration plans!

We can even do Silent Disco for backyard dance parties without loud speakers! 🎧🔊🎧🔊🎧🎧It’s WAY fun!

Congratulations Mariah & Kevin!!! Your backyard beach wedding was super fun 😄

Want to bounce your ideas off us? Call (808) 427-8080, email events@frobabyproductions.com, or direct message us 👍

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Yeah Erin & Kevin!!! ✨ Dancing in the dark at Moli’i Gardens at Kualoa Ranch!!! We dipped into our “crossover” music to keep all generations celebrating together on the dance floor.

Crossover music is what we call music that resonates with older and younger guests such as a Michael Jackson Dancing Machine remixed over the music of Jackie Chan. 🔥

Congratulations Erin and Kevin! @erinkaiulaniphoto Thank your for trusting us with the ceremony sound, cocktail, dinner, and dancing music!

It was great to work with such a talented group of vendors:

Venue @kualoaranchweddings
Photo @nicolecatherinephotos
Video @ladymountainfilms
Rentals @eventaccents
Catering @acateredexperience
Flowers @cocolanigardens
Shave Ice @theshorelinetruck
Hair/Makeup @jessicastylehair
DJ @frobabyproductions
Favors @honolulucookie
Planning @parsonsevents

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.


  • Your guests being bored or leaving early?
  • A DJ or MC who talks too much?
  • Not playing the right music?
  • Low energy because the DJ can't mix?
  • Cheap equipment that malfunctions?

These are legit concerns! The reality is your DJ can make or break your wedding celebration.  If you're coming to party, and don't want to risk your day on a cheap, low budget DJ, let's talk. We'll gladly share our process and why couples who are coming to celebrate are choose to work with us!


The Frobaby DJ team nails it every time! We have an awesome process for communcating with our couples, ensuring that the right the music is played, keeping the flow of the wedding, and adapting to the energy of your guests.

We LOVE our clients and to us EVERY wedding is the Super Bowl! Every event is the most important one of the year for us.

We are a boutique wedding DJ company that gives attention to every client. You'll never just be another wedding on the list. We truly care and have the talent to rock it for you!

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Frobaby Productions is a full-service wedding DJ and event DJ entertainment company. We specialize in local and destination weddings and private events in Hawaii. We serve all of Honolulu County on Oahu for both indoor and outdoor events. And, we "nail it" every time by fueling the vibe and energy of an event from the inside out, and we will do the same for you. How do we do it? Talen and awesome communication with our clients. We are lucky to get to work with the most amazing couples and clients!!! Our clients and their friends, family, and associates love to party, love to dance, and live life to the fullest. You will love working with us!!! We listen carefully to our clients desires. We never recycle playlists and we don't have "go to" songs that we play every time for every wedding or event. This means, no lame pre-recorded mixes. You will even get access to our online playlist builder app that will allow you to make priority requests ahead of time. If you're looking for a kick-butt DJ team that nails it every single time, hit us up to check availability and  make your celebration the off-the-hook experience that your guests will remember forever.

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