Who should be seated near the DJ booth?

The DJ booth can be a secondary focal point of your wedding. Put the right people there!

Are you trying to figure out who sits where at your wedding or event and you’re wondering who should be seated near the DJ booth? Here are three groups of people that you may want to consider placing near the booth.

  1. Those who are most likely to get out on the dance floor first! During cocktail hour and dinner, your DJ is going to be trying to identify which table is going to hit the dance floor first, and will likely play to their energy. If they are seated near the DJ booth, your DJ will love you because they’ll be easy to find.
  2. Guests who are comfortable and accustomed to talking over music in places such as bars, restaurants, and clubs. They actually may feel more relaxed near the music, and after a few drinks, they’ll be talking loud anyways. As was mentioned in another article, definitely don’t seat the old folks near the DJ booth.
  3. People with great energy! The energy that surrounds the DJ booth has a huge influence on the energy of the entire reception. Not only is the music coming from the area, but announcements are being made, and many times toasts and speeches are given in the general area. You definitely don’t want Grumpy Gary or Sulky Sarah flanking the Maid of Honor during her toast. Put Happy Jack and his girlfriend Bright-eyed Betty near the booth where their smiles can brighten the room even more.

The DJ booth area is often a secondary focal point of the reception. With the right people in place in this area, it can raise the energy of the room, and get the dance floor moving from the very first song.

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