Where should I seat the old folks at my wedding?

Unless Grandpa Joe is on the decks, seat him on the other side of the room 🙂

This is a quick piece of insight that you’ll be thankful we shared! And the answer is pretty simple…

Do not seat the old folks near the DJ booth or speakers.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Speakers to close to hearing aids makes them squeal! We’ve all heard that high pitched screeching coming from grandma’s hearing aid. Imagine if that was in your ear! You’d tell the DJ to turn down the music too.
  2. Ummm….another hearing aid reason. Hearing aids try to push out background noise and pick up on voices close by. If the speaker is too close to the hearing aid, it has trouble pushing out the background noise.
  3. Old people’s voices aren’t used to talking over music or other sounds. Think about it. When grandma is at home watching re-runs of the Weather Channel, and the phone rings…she finds the remote, turns it down, then answers the phone.

If grandma and grandpa are next to the DJ booth or speakers, they are going to be telling the DJ to turn it down, and on the other side of the room are going to be telling him to turn it up, then great uncle Francis is going to say turn it down, then cousin Vinny is going to be saying “turn it up!”

For some reason it’s the old folks that are often seated near the DJ booth. Maybe it’s because the DJ booth is off to the side, and since the older guests aren’t typically part of the wedding party, they are also seated off to the side. Maybe

Make life easier for your guests and seat the old folks away from the sound!

So, who should be seated near there DJ booth? Click here to find out.

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