Kualoa Ranch, Secret Island Venue

You, your fiancé (for only a few more hours), and your close friends and family walk down towards the water’s edge. The gentle winds create ripples along the surface of an 800-year old fishpond, restored and preserved by volunteers and stewards of this historic place. The catamaran quietly glides along the surface of the water. When you arrive at the dock across the pond, you’ll step off and turn back to see the vibrant green mountains above you. Walk through the shady path to arrive at a sandy beach, where your wedding ceremony will begin.

Why We Love Secret Island

This venue is one of our favorites for intimate weddings and elopements. Did you know that in Hawaii you can’t just get married on ANY beach? There are certain licenses and regulations required before you can have a beach wedding. We love this private beach because there’s no WORRIES about any of that. Plus, choosing this secluded spot means no wandering beachgoers during your ceremony.

The Frobaby team LOVES working at this venue because we get to custom create intimate playlists for smaller groups. Our stunningly well-designed mics look gorgeous and help every guest hear each word of your vows.

Why You’ll Love Secret Island

You’ll love this classic spot for it’s stunning photography options and multi-level offerings. You can have your ceremony at Secret Island, and then hop back on the catamaran to Molii Gardens for the reception (more about Molii in another upcoming post). Secret Island is ideal for intimate gatherings for couples who adore the beach, the water, and connecting with each guest. Plus, the boat ride across the pond is the perfect time for a quiet moment together with your fiancé, family and friends.

Technical Considerations

We utilize battery-powered gear for Secret Island. Our team is familiar with the transportation logistics of Secret Island, and we always bring backups for everything. The relatively remote nature of this venue means preparation is key. Every detail of your sounds and entertainment is carefully thought through long before the day of, so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views and gentle sounds of the sea. 

Speaking of sea, our mics are designed to target voices and reduce background noise. The voices of everyone who speaks will be clear, with minimal background noise. For couples who book a videographer, having that extra level of quality in their sound makes a big difference in the final cut of the video!

Considerations for Your Day

This ceremony venue lends itself to flowy, beachy vibes. If you’re looking for a relaxed and comfortable venue that prioritizes the beach and nature, Secret Island is your spot. You’ll be doing a short boat ride from and to this event, so smaller bridal parties and groomsmen are ideal to minimize transportation time. If you’ve got a HUGE wedding party (5+ people per groom/ bride), Secret Island is still a great choice, you’ll just have to factor in that extra time for multiple boat rides.

Who Should Book Secret Island

If you love intimate beach weddings and an open-air ceremony, Secret Island is an excellent choice.

DEFINITELY book this venue if:

  • You have a smaller ceremony group
  • You love being surrounded by water
  • You want a beach wedding without the bustle of other beachgoers
  • You’d love a few quiet moments together with your fiancé on the boat ride
  • You cannot imagine NOT getting married on a white sandy beach

Secret Island YouTube Video