Jared and Sarah’s Bangin’ Wedding at Four Seasons

Sarah and Jared came to Hawaii from the Bay Area in California. We chose them for our next Frobaby Fave Wedding because we just loved the awesome energy, dance all night spirit, and unique music taste of this couple and their party. 

Sarah and Jared’s #Weddinggoals

When these two connected with our team, they wanted THREE things:

1. Underground Hip Hop

2. A poppin’ party and

3. To Drink Hennessy and PARTAY.

So that’s exactly what we gave them. A stunning waterfront ceremony was followed by an ABSOLUTE Banger of a reception, with non-stop dancing, hip hop sounds, and plenty of Hennessy for the rest of the evening.

Why it’s a Frobaby Fave!

Frobaby Productions LOVES creating individualized playlists for our couples. Jared and Sarah came to us with a distinctive sound in mind. Besides creating playlists, we LOVE expanding our musical horizons. This wedding gave us the opportunity to do BOTH. Plus, this celebration-loving couple booked a Four Seasons ballroom for their reception, allowing us to play music even later into the night than an outdoor venue would. The groom jumped on the turntables for a song and KILLED it, while the dance floor stayed packed all night long. We LOVED being the sound, MC, and DJ team for this event.

How Frobaby Helped Make the Day

Jared and Sarah capitalized on the indoor venue with colorful, music-synced up-lights throughout the ballroom. We brought in the MEGA talented DJ Kenny Tekneek to rock the wedding party with his exceptional hip hop background. DJ Nate MC’d throughout the night, and the whole crew kept it going. Our faces were sore from smiling for DAYS after this wedding.

Watch for Yourself

Sarah and Jared’s EPIC Wedding Reception