Our approach to events is one of professionalism and class. We bring high-end service, great talent and clean set-ups typical of upscale event in New York and other major cities. While others visually overwhelm a venue with complex special effects, we put our energy into talent, music preparation, service, and fueling the energy of the event in a way that honors VIP guests and makes for an epic experience with a rocking dance floor where guests can celebrate together and make memories. We deliver it with finesse, energy, and style.



When the music is on-point, the party rocks! We work with you to create a core pool of songs that you and your guests will love. We read the crowd and adapt to the energy of the dance floor.

We also provide you with access to our online playlist builder or you can submit songs online ahead of time.

Q: Do you use pre-set playlists?
A: No. All playlists are custom created.

Q: Do you play explicit music?
A: We play only clean edits. No explicit.

Q: Do you have access to all genres?
A: Yes.


elegant C

Our approach to dance-floor lighting is clean, professional, and energized. You'll see our typical setup on our set-ups and photo pages.

We typically keep it simple, classy, and upscale with solid wash lights, intelligent moving heads, strobes, and uplights.

Q: Do you use flashy blinking lights?
A: Not typically. In our opinion, too many flashing and blinking lights makes an elegant venue look like a roller rink.

Q: Can you create a club-like atmosphere with things such as smoke and lasers?
A: Yes. We can do that if desired.



Our DJs/MCs are not the stars of the show. They are professional and energetic but understand that the guests of honor are most important.

They are not loud and rambunctious, nor do they tell cheezy jokes. They are professional in every way.

Q: Do your DJs also do MC work?
A: Yes, our DJs do "light MC" work. We also provide "full service" MC work with a dedicated MC if desired.

Q: Does your DJ read the dance floor or stick to the playlist?
A: Frobaby DJs read the dance floor and work off the list. They are always thinking 2-3 song ahead and are ready to adapt as needed.